5 Super Foods You Should Incorporate Into Your Diet Right Now

healthy super foods

What I’d like you to do for the next minute (before you continue to read this article) is to think about your current diet.

Is it something you’re proud of to the extent that you tell your better half about it?

Is it something you’d like to change?
Perhaps overall it’s quite solid, but could do with a few tweaks here and there?

Whatever your answer is, I’m about to tell you five simple additions you can add to your diet with simple convenience TODAY.

1. Olive oil

Topping the list at number 1, we have olive oil. A powerful source of monounsaturated fats that’s a simple addition to any meal you’re having, whether it be a salad, broccoli stalk or lettuce leaf! This such a powerful oil that you can even have some pre or post-workout for strength benefits. My crazy boyfriend even adds this supplement called Testogen as he says he gets an extra boost.

Crazy I know!

2. Acai berries

You may have to travel to Brazil to get these shriveled red balls of greatness, but trust me; it’s well worth the trip! These berries will boost your immune system, improve brain function AND improve your life expectancy!

Mix them with some yummy Greek yoghurt.

3. Dark chocolate

Rich in polyphenpols and flavanoids and they taste soo good! There’s no better excuse to add these tasty treats to your diet. For the best results, make sure you get 85% chocolate – it still tastes good and you get more of the cocoa bean, which is where the antioxidants actually come from!

If you are cheeky like me add them to your Greek and acai berry yoghurt above 🙂

4. Blueberries

With a Trolox equivalent antioxidant capacity (TEAC) higher than almost any other fruit you’ll find, there’s no tastier snack in my opinion than these little blue bundles of joy. Buy them fresh or frozen, and either eat them individually by the spoonful or with yogurt for a tasty mid-afternoon snack.

Make a Blueberry smoothie with Whey protein for a great post workout meal!

5. Pecans

A nut species native to Mexico and the southeast of the United States, these can easily be eaten as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon tasty snack. As far as their taste goes, they are my second favorite nuts behind almonds, yet they are far more beneficial in terms of their antioxidant qualities!

Eat them raw or add them to your salad.

If you know of any other tasty super foods, I’d love to hear what they are.

But adding these 5 to your diet will –

– Give you healthier; more youthful skin;

– Reduce signs of aging;

– Protect you against heart disease and stroke;

– Reduce the risk of vision loss; and

– Reduce the risk of cognitive decline

There are probably more than the five above, so if you think of any others, just leave your comments below!



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