What Is The Good Food Karma Index All About?

Updated for January 2017


The GFKI – aka as the Good Food Karma Index is my system that I’ve created on how to classify foods based on health and tasty factors.

Throughout the years I’ve heard of all the: if it’s tasty I’ll kill you, and also: healthy food? Nah, it will probably be tasteless.

That leaves us with two alternatives:

Be fat and happy (due to enjoying good food)

Be fit and miserable (enjoy your body at the expense of starving or eating boring food)

good food karma index pic

I honestly think that’s all hogwash, and I can assure you that although true, if we go the extra mile and focus on finding the perfect combination of:

Taste + Health = Perfection


This is how the GFKI philosophy flows:

EAT for the right reasons

As human beings our bodies need much fewer calories that we put into them. That means that we are putting way too many calories for the amount of movement we have (unless you are an athlete).

As a result, we put on weight. Oh NO!

Some see food as fuel, I see it as a passion and something to indulge in.

If you are in line with the GFKI philosophy then keep reading, as you’ll enjoy yourself on that Pho while travelling Vietnam or kebabs in Istanbul or churros in Sevilla.

Focus on trying this and that rather than lots of one thing

When you are out and about you want to try different foods, and you can! It just means that you have to maybe try one churro, one pho, one slize of pizza, rather than x5 of each.

What if you are still hungry? I’d recommend you wait it out for 10-15 things and you’d be surprised at how quickly you stop thinking about the food.

You remember than saying of out of mind out of sight 🙂

Use the RIGHT supplementation

I am not saying that this is a must, if not you can’t indulge in the GFKI lifestyle. However, it can certainly help with convenience, specially when you are in the go.

So I lately tried this Phen 375 thing which was reviewed by this girl on Youtube, and actually felt it was not bad at all.

It is a natural supplement which not just helps you burn of those calories, but also suppresses your appetite, and so you can save those empty calories of toast to fill you up for those “Worthwhile foods” that do actually need your attention!

How awesome is that?

Also, don’t forget that sometimes we get into thinking what the best supplements might be for ensuring we maintain muscle, hinting at your protein *win* and you micro-nutrients. .

Supplementation is a very complex topic that needs a blog post on its own.

However, if you’d like to know more about micro-nutrients and the ideal protein supplements, then you are in for a treat!

Move, move and move

Obviously as human beings, we were designed to move. You don’t have to run a marathon everyday, and I understand most of us are busy with our lives with work and the kids, and other responsibilities, but if you just walk more or let’s put it in a nice way: “become less lazy” you’ll do great!

Jaz TOP TIP: I think you should take on an activity that you actually enjoy and involves lots of movement!

I’ve never enjoyed the gym really, and so going on a treadmill or a stationary bicycle makes me feel miserable.

With that in mind, I started Salsa lessons and realized that they are so much fun, and after dancing 1 month (while eating the same tasty good foods) I lost 5 pounds! How great is that.

good food karma index movement

My final word is that you focus on trying many good foods, get some good natural supplementation from a natural product such as phen 375 to aid you and also move a lot with something you actually enjoy (doesn’t have to be salsa, can be ballet, zumba or even running around the park throwing a Frisbee at your dog 🙂

I want to formally welcome you to the Good Food Karma Index Army and keep in tune for amazing things coming our way!


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